Getting There

Getting to Gantry Park is as easy as 1 2 3.

The address and phone number are:

Gantry Plaza State Park
474 48th Avenue
Long Island City, NY 11109

Public Transportation to Gantry Park:

 take the 7 train to the Vernon Blvd.-Jackson Ave Station (the first stop after Grand Central when coming from Manhattan) and walk west on 50th Avenue towards the East River. Alternatively, the G train stops at 21st St/Jackson Avenue. Walk three blocks in westward direction towards the promenade.

Train: The LIRR station at Borden Avenue and 2nd Street is nearby. Walk north and over. (Note: LIRR only runs to Jamaica from Long Island City).

Bus: The B61 and Q103 buses stop 5 minutes from the Gantries next to the subway station at Vernon Boulevard/Jackson Avenue.

Ferry: From Borden Avenue the East River Ferry goes to and from Manhattan. Entrance to the parking lot is located 30 yards south of 54th Avenue on 2nd Street. The pathway to the ferry landing exits the parking lot about 250 feet to the pier. For $4 per ride, the ferry goes northbound to 34th St/Midtown or southbound to Wall St/Pier 11.

Driving to Gantry Park:

Long Island Expressway (LIE)
: Gantry Plaza is inches from the Midtown Tunnel.
Westbound, take exit 15 and turn right on Van Dam Street. Turn left on 49th Avenue. Continue to the end.
Eastbound can be tricky. Exit Borden Avenue, turn right, right again on Vernon, and left on 49th Avenue.

Queensboro Bridge or Queens Boulevard: Turn south on 21st Avenue. Turn right on Jackson Avenue. Right on 48th Avenue (just past PS1). Left at the corner by the Citylights Building. Right on 49th Avenue.